A Progressive 12 week Pilates & Yoga Experience

Drop in classes just don't cut the mustard these days when it comes to giving you the improvement in movement you crave. That's why we teach ALL our classes in 12 week progressive terms. We welcome you where you are and support to you in movement towards where you want to be

12 Week Pilates & yoga Courses

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Imagine no more. The team at East London Pilates has vast knowledge of the human body and the movement it requires to be strong, supple and moving well. By joining the next 12 week term you'll have flexibility in choosing from over 15 weekly classes to help you move better. East London Pilates is not your average Pilates Studio. Think of it more of a community led by passionate, friendly and local instructors.

You not only want, but need Pilates and Yoga in your life to move you from feeling trapped in a stiff, achey and immobile body. Imagine what it would be like to be set free from niggling pain.  

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How It Works

Start by joining one of our Taster Classes before term starts. This gives you an opportunity to get to know us and choose the right classes for you

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First of all, Welcome! I'm Kelly the founder of ELP and I ❤️ to chat. 

I set up East London Pilates to help the community enjoy Pilates and Yoga. This isn't a faceless studio with bums on mats. We're a small tight-knit team of great Pilates Instructors wanting to help. Whilst you can jump straight online and book a taster class, I love nothing more than having a chat with you first about which programme and classes are best for you. So please get in touch

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Our Classes

For those who are new to the method but also for those who have a regular practice but want a more gentle pace/ remedial approach. In our beginners courses we aim to introduce participants to the key principles of the pilates method but also teach participants about their own bodies strengths and needs. 

beginners pilates

For individuals with a minimum of six months of practice who are confident in their body awareness, our goal is to challenge you through the instruction of a dynamic, flowing practice. These classes emphasize enhancing awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses, facilitating refinement and progression

improvers pilates

These classes focus on improving your awareness of your personal strengths and weaknesses so you can refine and progress. In our postural Pilates class, we place added focus on rehabilitation-based exercises to strengthen weak lower backs and address poor posture. These online classes in small groups are specifically designed for individuals seeking to move and live free from pain

postural pilates

Yin yoga focuses on the body's deep connective tissues, including ligaments, joints, bones, and fascia networks. Classes involve holding passive floor poses for extended periods, targeting areas rich in connective tissues like the spine, neck, shoulders, chest, mid-back, hips, pelvis, inner thighs, and lower spine to release tension. This practice not only enhances energy flow in the organs but also delivers substantial mental and emotional benefits

restorative yoga

Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic and fluid practice that harmonizes breath and movement. Participants seamlessly transition between poses in a rhythmic sequence, fostering a mindful and continuous flow. This style of yoga cultivates both strength and flexibility while promoting a meditative state of awareness. The ELP Vinyasa class requires some previous experience, with encouragement for various posture progressions or modifications. This class may include hip-openers, twists, deeper backbends, and inversions

vinyasa yoga

Our Stretch and Relax class is yoga and Pilates inspired. Combining gentle stretching and functional mobility whilst focusing on simple breathing exercises to release stress. This class is accessible for all, aimes to relieve physical and mental tension, leaving participants feeling refreshed. It's a positive way to boost your overall well-being


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“Thank you so much Kelly, Kylie Magda and Viv - You are amazing at what you do. ELP is really important to me and I’m incredibly grateful for all your support..”


Class Timetable



9am Pilates Beginners
10.15am Pilates Improvers


11am Postural Pilates


7.00pm Pilates Mixed level
8.00pm Stretch and relax 


6pm Pilates Beginners
7.15pm Pilates Improvers


7.30am Postural Pilates
6pm Vinyassa Yoga


6.15pm Pilates Improvers
7.25pm Pilates Beginners
9pm Yin Restorative Yoga


9am Pilates Improvers
10.10am Pilates Beginners
11.20 Pilates Beginners


I've been a part of ELP for 8 years, discovering it online when searching for Pilates/yoga classes. The Monday night and Saturday morning Pilates classes, available both live and online, have been my regular go-tos. Classes are a comfortable size, and instructors are incredibly friendly, encouraging, and attentive, offering alternatives when needed. As a runner, ELP has been instrumental in addressing my aches and pains. The term-based programs bring refreshing variety and progression. Flexible attendance options and a no-hassle policy make it a standout choice. I wholeheartedly recommend ELP—it's been my fitness sanctuary for years

I wholeheartedly recommend ELP

fits it around running


"After giving birth to my first son at 40, I sought 'easy' exercise to reenter fitness. Pilates, though not easy, proved ideal with its low-impact nature. EasT London Pilates made joining effortless and welcoming. Regardless of fitness level, the classes are enjoyable, and benefits are quickly noticeable. If unsure, take advantage of their free taster sessions at term beginnings. ELP transformed my postpartum fitness journey, offering an accessible yet effective way to regain strength and well-being."

I found out pilates done properly is anything but easy!


Becoming a mum at 40 meant I needed an easy road back to fitness

Joining ELP as a complete beginner five years ago was a game-changer. Recommended by my physio, the Beginners Intro session was welcoming and informative. The instructors are clear, friendly, and tailored to individual needs. Every hour-long class is a workout that builds strength, leaving me mentally and physically recharged. ELP's diverse community, inclusive atmosphere, and flexible schedule make it stand out. It's exceptional value for money - quality content, expert instruction, and a welcoming experience. ELP has been my go-to for Pilates, where every session feels like an investment in my well-being

"An investment in my wellbeing"

leaves feeling mentally and physically recharged


Yes, It Really Works

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ELP is my weekly therapy. Even when I'm super tired or stupidly busy I prioritise my classes, as I know they leave me feeling physically and mentally better

calders wharf, E14 

ELP classes are located in the Calders Wharf Community Centre, our lovely riverside studio proudly supports this local charity. 
Just a two-minute walk from Island Gardens DLR, it's situated at the entrance to Island Gardens Park by the north end of the foot tunnel to Greenwich. The studio boasts an abundance of natural light, excellent ventilation in the summer, and a warm, cozy atmosphere in the winter, providing a tranquil and inspiring space for your practice with us

find us here:

Calders wharf 
4A Saunders Ness Road 
E14 3PS

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22nd July 2024

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