Trading High Heels for High Tops

Over the years ELP has worked with thousands of individuals supporting their pilates journey though pregnancies, post injury, rehabilitation after surgery, chronic pain etc. 

ELP Pilates is not just a Pilates studio, it is a friendly, supportive, and welcoming community that cares about each and every one of our clients. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile

Up at dawn with a cup of tea and ginger nut. Morning stretch, daily activity, good food and early nights

daily rituals

Running the canal, cycling through the city, walking the dog, heading to gigs and praying for sunshine


Being a lone wolf, sitting still, great tech, material things or living to work


Long runs, dog walks, short emails, holidays, being with friends and making time for the memories


My superpower is helping people to become the healthiest version of themselves while pursuing the kind of life they actually want.... one with pain free, quality of movement.

In 2007, Kelly Wootton established East London Pilates, as she wanted to offer people more than what her other gym based classes were offering.
She set up small group 12 week structured courses and taught regular attendees, developing a working relationship with them whereby they could see their progression. Proudly, and nearly two decades later, she still teaches some of the original attendees. ELP has supported thousands of individuals in their Pilates journey, aiding in areas such as pregnancies, post-injury rehabilitation, and recovery after surgery or chronic pain.
ELP Pilates is more than a studio; it's a friendly, supportive community that genuinely cares about each client, always going the extra mile.

Kelly Wootton

Founder of ELP Pilates.

Aged 21, Kelly stepped away from her investment banking career, swapping high heels for high tops and entered the wellness industry. She never looked back and genuinely loves her vocation nearly 25 years later.
Initially instructing high-energy classes, she discovered Pilates and yoga as a means of providing her body with much-needed care. After training with the Pilates Institute, she began teaching Pilates at 23, finding not only remarkable health benefits but also mental well-being advantages, as it became her form of moving meditation.
Kelly then trained to teach yoga with the renowned Julie Martin of Brahmani yoga in Goa.

Kylie Hawryliw 

With almost a decade of teaching experience in Mat Pilates and a recent Reformer Pilates certification, Kylie is passionate about teaching functional movement. A former professional dancer, Kylie infuses her classes with the grace and precision of dance, combined with anatomical functionality.

Seven years of teaching at ELP is testament to Kylie's commitment to our clients and classes. Kylie's passion lies in teaching people to train their bodies for healthy, pain free movement

Magda Polikarska

Magda began her journey with corrective exercise and pilates after experiencing a series of injuries herself from a semi-professional sporting career. Alongside working with ELP Magda is also a fully qualified sports and remedial massage therapist. This combination of qualifications, experience and practice enable her to use pilates to really help people with postural problems and pain

Vivien Szlatinszky

Vivien hails from hungary, but has lived in East London for over 10 years. Vivien comes from a professional dance background, music and movement are her medicine!
She is a popular, energetic, charasmatic instructor that teaches a mulitude of disciplines including Pilates, Barre, strength & conditioning, indoor cycling and cardio/toning based studio classes.

She is (soon to be) a level 4 personal trainer and is also a specialist Pre and Postnatal trainer. Viv decided to become a pilates instructor as she felt the positive changes in her own body and wanted to help people who deal with injuries and pain. 

She believes that movement is the key to a healthy lifestyle

Emily Dormer

Emily has been teaching for ELP for nearly 15 years, with a lengthy sabbatical in which she became a mum to Stanley and Joycie Jean. She is level 4 back pain specialist with over 15 years' teaching experience. Her passion is rehabilitation and education on posture, inspiring people to learn about their body and the ways to help it be its own version of perfect.  

Her classes are never dull, she will always find a way of coming up with new and different coaching ideas targeted to every 'body'. 

Emily is our super mum and always delivers her classes with a smile.
She is currently doing a part-time degree in Osteopathy