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At ELP we provide both Pilates and Yoga classes in the East London area. Our classes are taught online and in-person to help you move, feel and live better. Our friendly, supportive, and non-intimidating environment invites you to choose from over 15 weekly sessions, ensuring a seamless fit into your schedule. Join us for 12-week progressive terms, where every stretch and pose brings you closer to a healthier, happier you. Your journey to holistic fitness starts here, in the heart of East London

Pilates & Yoga Classes in East London

East London Pilates

Pilates stands out as a gentle yet highly effective body conditioning routine, targeting the strengthening of deep core muscles—encompassing the lower back, deep abdominal, and pelvic floor regions. When instructed with precision, Pilates becomes a transformative practice, enhancing balance, muscle strength, flexibility, joint mobility, and posture. Beyond the physical benefits, it serves as a stress-relief mechanism, alleviating tension and contributing to an overall sense of well-being. Discover the power of Pilates, where every session is a step toward a more balanced and resilient you

Pilates and Yoga for those who want to feel, move & live better

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what makes east london pilates different?

Friendly, non-intimidating welcoming approach with support for individual progressions

Having to attend set days or times within your course with no option to change

Small group 12 week courses that improve your movement over time and progress your practice

Intimidating, elitist, competitive environment without consideration and modifications for individuals

Big anonymous groups with varying experience and ability in Pilates and Yoga

Flexibility to attend any of our in-person or online classes and change when life gets busy

Choosing an instructor or studio without a solid track record of delivering results for people

Established in the East London Community since 2003 with more than 20 years experience


“It's a rare hour in the day just for me. Afterwards, I feel better, stand taller and am mentally refreshed.”


Choose from 15 Classes a Week

Unlock a world of flexibility with our extensive schedule, featuring over 15 weekly classes from Monday to Sunday. Our user-friendly online booking system empowers you to customize your fitness journey effortlessly. Whether you prefer the energizing vibe of in-person sessions or the convenience of online options, we cater to all levels, from beginners to improvers, offering both Pilates and Yoga. Recognizing the hectic pace of London life, we've designed our services with your schedule in mind. Easily cancel or reschedule online, and for those unavoidable conflicts, we've got you covered – receive class recordings, ensuring you never miss a moment of your transformative fitness experience

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"Change happens through movement, and movement heals"

— joseph pilates

For those who benefit from having massage to compliment their training and offer an immediate release of tight muscles and mobility issues

Sports & Remedial Massage

We offer Pilates or Yoga classes at your workplace, tailoring the level to the needs of your team. Sessions can be 45–60 minutes, providing a whole day of feeling better for your team. 

pilates in your workplace

For those who need a little more of a hands on approach and tailored experience, we offer private Pilates and Yoga Training in your home or one of our locations

121 Pilates & Yoga training

Other Ways We Can Work Together

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Invest in a personalised wellness journey with our 1-2-1 and 2-2-1 tuition options, catering to those who prioritise individualised attention. Whether it's the convenience of location, time constraints, or a desire for focused personal time for your practice, our private sessions with experienced instructors offer a tailored approach.

Ideal for Pilates newcomers, addressing specific injuries or health concerns, or for those seeking one-on-one guidance to achieve a particular goal. Our private sessions adapt to your body's unique needs, fostering rapid competence and instilling the confidence to seamlessly transition to group classes whenever you're ready."

Private Training

pilates & yoga

Transform your workplace with our corporate Pilates and yoga programs. With nearly two decades of experience, ELP has collaborated with diverse corporate clients, bringing wellness directly to the office. We offer personalised consultations, meeting you on-site to understand your unique needs. Together, we identify an optimal teaching space, discuss equipment and storage considerations, and determine funding arrangements—whether covered by employees, the company, or a subsidised model.

We streamline the process by agreeing on a registration system and establishing convenient teaching days and times. Elevate your corporate wellness with ELP, where workplace fitness becomes a seamless and tailored experience.

In the Workplace

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pilates & Yoga

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Elevate your well-being with ELP's Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy services, available at our two East London locations or the convenience of your home or workplace.

Remedial massage, tailored to address both deep and superficial tissues, employs a diverse set of techniques to manipulate soft tissues effectively. Whether seeking relaxation or relief from pain, our skilled therapists customise sessions to normalise your body's muscles and soft tissues. Experience the rejuvenating benefits of our massage therapy, where healing touch meets personalised care, fostering relaxation and promoting overall muscle well-being.

Sports & Remedial Massage

Massage therapy

I'm Kelly, an East London Girl at ❤️

I have been teaching movement since I decided to quit my corporate city job. I'm also an East London girl through-and-through. I love that the fact I have built a small, friendly, local company in a big capital city, helping others experience the benefit of Pilates and yoga 

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JULY 2024.

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