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  • "I first joined ELP back in 2008 as I was new to the area and was looking for a way to meet new people and improve my posture. I have suffered for a long time with migraines and Pilates has really helped to prevent them. I have also recently undergone a couple of cardiac related procedures and the instructors (Amanda and Zoe) have really helped me regain my strength, but more importantly, my confidence.

    All the instructors are friendly and approachable, and really take time to guide everyone through the exercises and adapt them for specific injuries or needs. Every term has a new set of exercises and three progressive levels, so I never get bored of going, every session is a new challenge and I can really feel and see my improvement. The time of classes allows me to get back from work in good time, and if I miss a class it's easy to attend another class to make it up!"

    Lis Snow, Forensic Scientist, Canary Wharf

  • "I found ELP online and signed myself and my (slightly reluctant) husband up. He'd had ongoing back problems from working on a computer all day and the osteopath bills were mounting. I thought it might help and be a nice thing to do together. From the intro session with Kelly, we were both confident we'd made a good choice. The classes are well-calibrated to different levels and tune up over the term so you really see and feel progress. During that term I got pregnant and switched to the antenatal classes. Having done yoga through my last two pregnancies, I found the antenatal Pilates a pleasant surprise with the right balance between stretching to rebalance all those pregnancy quirks and building muscle strength (you know, to push a baby out!). And my husband? Not seen an osteopath since. Tells his friends they ought to try it: naturally they replicate the sceptical face he used to have..."

    Chris & Christine Armstrong, Founders www.Villas4Kids.com, Isle of Dogs

  • "My weekly yogalates classes with Kelly really help me to focus on two very important aspects of my overall fitness that I’ve tended to neglect over the years – balance and flexibility. As a result of Kelly’s coaching and encouragement I’ve seen a huge improvement in both, which has made such a big difference to me not just as I go about day-to-day life but also in my other fitness activities. I find I’m suffering far less from the aches and pains I used to get after exerting myself and I’m just generally more agile (and leaner!).

    I always look forward to my ELP time. The classes are a perfect size – it’s ‘personal training’ without having to go to the expense of one-to-one sessions – and they’re very friendly and expertly taught. Be warned though…they’re addictive!"

    Liz Hope, Blackheath

  • "I practice pilates to build core strength both for everyday living as well as for my cycling where a stronger core helps me go longer faster. I've been doing pilates for several years but since finding ELP I haven't looked back, I am stronger, more flexible and have more energy. I find the classes relaxed, fun, well thought out and fresh. Pilates is something for everyone and ELP is where to do it!"

    Andrew Von Mayer, Canary Wharf

  • "I started my Pilates journey three years ago when I suffered from weak muscles which caused massive health problems in my back, neck and shoulders due to a stressful office job. My chiropractor recommended Pilates to develop core muscles which have an effect on the whole body which will give you more core stability.

    I decided to go to Eastlondonpilates as it is in my area. They have various places in East London, smaller classes and different teachers for all levels.

    I started my beginners course with Magda and Kelly in my first year and I absolutely enjoyed my Saturday morning practice. Soon I began to see the changes, not only for my bad back and neck - I felt stronger, also my body form started to change and I realised how much I enjoyed Pilates. I made the decision to practice twice a week in my second year and met Zoe, another great Pilates teacher (she is also a fantastic Osteopath - highly recommended!). Coming to classes twice a week was another big change, I felt absolutely different, stronger, happier, healthier and always enjoyed every second of my training with all my teachers.

    Last year I decided to see Kelly at her Monday Yogalates. I am also doing Yoga for more than 12 years and at this time I felt a mix of both would be ideal for me as my body felt just very stiff from sitting at the desk all day long. And this is just ideal for me now, a mix of Yoga & Pilates.

    For the last three years I have developed great core muscles which are now very useful for my "power yoga" classes.

    I recently decided to do a yoga teacher training course and this is when I realised how much my body has changed, and how ideal Pilates core training for your body is. You become more aware of your body and feel so much better.

    I also appreciate any adjustments or tips from my teachers for my practice. Amanda has given me great advice for some poses.

    A smaller class is always better than massive studios and its great to get to know your teachers too! All very experienced and lovely people which will be strict in their training but also fun!

    I can highly recommend Eastlondonpilates - you will be in good hands. Thanks to my teachers Kelly, Zoe, Magda and Amanda!"

    Daniela Loetzsch, former PA & Office Manager, E14

  • "I started Pilates to bring some discipline to my exercise regime. I hoped to find a class I enjoyed and would return to time to time, that was now 4 years ago! When I started I was suffering from a constant sore neck a result of bad posture no doubt. Kelly noticed this immediately, made some suggestions and since then not only has my posture and general fitness improved, my concentration in class and outside has too. Every instructor at ELP, I've had Zoe, Magda and Kelly are passionate, holistic in approach and encouraging and most importantly each class is fun even when working hard!"

    Johnson Idesoh, Professional, Isle of Dogs

  • "I have been going to ELP for five years. My job is mainly computer based and I suffered with shoulder and upper back pain. Pilates has really helped me, improving my core strength and posture. I have worked through the beginner and intermediate classes and now go to Kelly's yogalates class. Kelly is an excellent instructor who teaches great classes.

    Each term is based on a new lesson plan. The exercises progress in difficulty throughout the term. You see real improvement in your practice but always working at your own pace.

    The classes are kept small and Kelly provides individual corrections as needed.

    If you miss a class it is easy to make it up as there are lots of sessions to choose from.

    I have no hesitation in recommending ELP."

    Kate Forsyth, HR Business Partner, Greenwich