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Friends of ELP

  • Zoe Mundell - New Body Osteo

    If you're injured, in pain or physical discomfort, New Body Osteopathy can help. Our well experienced and established team of Osteos have the knowledge and resources to treat a huge range of physical conditions.

    Our tailored service covers everything from back and neck pain to sports injuries and repetitive strain injury (RSI). We use many different techniques during treatment including stretching, deep soft tissue massage and joint articulation.

    We treat a wide range of conditions including:

    • Sports injuries
    • Back, neck & shoulder problems
    • Pre and post natal care
    • Leg pain & sciatica
    • Whiplash
    • RSI
    • Headaches & migraines of muscular & Joint origin
    • Stress & stiffness
    • Plus many more....


    Bespoke Cycling
    Level Minus 2
    1 Crossrail Place
    Canary Wharf
    E14 5AR

  • Charlotte Steed - The London Acupuncture Space

    Established in 2000, with clinics in Blackheath, Canary Wharf, and Harley Street, we provide personalised, quality acupuncture and reflexology services. We offer a specialism in fertility and pregnancy and work closely with medics, midwives and health professionals.

    The London Acupuncture Space specialises in:

    • Fertility acupuncture
    • Pregnancy acupuncture
    • Fertility reflexology
    • Maternity reflexology


    c/o The Canary Wharf Clinic
    51, Cannon Workshops
    Cannon Drive
    Off Hertsmere Road
    Canary Wharf
    E14 4AS

  • Magda Polikarska - BODYSCINCEuk

    Sports & Remedial Massage can help to:

    • Improve posture and biomechanics
    • Decrease soft tissue related back, neck and shoulder pain
    • Improve sports performance and recovery
    • Relax, sleep better and improve concentration
    • Improve flexibility and joint mobility
    • Reduce tension headaches

    I offer general and targeted massage and myofascial release and treat most soft tissue related injuries. Each treatment is tailored individually to client's needs.


    Unit 110 Cannon Workshops
    Cannon Drive
    Canary Wharf
    E14 4AS

    10% discount for the first treatment for all ELP members.