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Our Approach

  • At ELP we feel it’s not enough to provide our clients with a dynamic, energising exercise programme…it’s also important that we provide an experience that is welcoming, positive and enjoyable’.
    Our classes are taught in a non competitive friendly relaxed environment

  • ELP instructors are all not only highly professional, knowledgeable and experienced they are extremely personable ‘chosen as much for their attitude and approach as for their expertise’.

  • ELP offer a more personalised Pilates experience with one instructor hosting each term and class sizes limited to 12 attendees. Our Pilates term teaching plans are structured and progressive so you can assess your progress and have goals to work towards.

  • ELP offer a variety of services:

    • Pre-class orientation
    • Public and corporate pilates
    • Antenatal & yogalates
    • Private classes for one or two people
  • ELP are Flexible for your lifestyle:

    • When you need to switch practice days just let us know
    • When you are away you can make up missed classes

ELP offer a highly personalised service. As well as providing a wide choice of times, abilities and types of classes for you to choose from, our group of instructors are keen to develop real relationships with the people they teach, hoping to fully engage and understand your physical, mental and lifestyle goals. It’s for this reason that we have built up a loyal and dedicated clientele over the years. Our team is made up of experienced and qualified instructors who will take a keen interest in your improvement and progression, whether you are new to sport and normally inactive, or whether you simply wish to compliment the fitness regime you already have.