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East London Pilates
At ELP we believe classes should be dynamic, energising and taught by professional and highly qualified trainers. We also believe these classes should be: welcoming, positive and enjoyable. Therefore, all our sessions are taught in a non-competitive, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. All our trainers are not only highly professional, knowledgeable and experienced, but also highly personable – chosen as much for their attitude and approach as for their expertise.

Kelly is the founder of East London Pilates and has been a healthy, happy Pilates teacher and personal fitness trainer for over 20 years. She started practicing Pilates as she found the method a really intelligent way to train her body and mind. This led to her starting ELP so she could spread this method of training in an affordable, non-intimidating way to as many people as possible. Kelly hopes for those attending her classes to walk away having had an hour out of their busy day to destress, move and feel better.

Having expanding ELP over the last 10 years, Kelly has introduced more instructors enabling the timetable to grow. Only bringing trainers in who not only match Kelly’s level of qualification, knowledge and professionalism, but also ensuring everyone matches the ethos of the business –

To provide classes for all in a non-intimidating, friendly and approachable way. Allowing people an affordable option to destress, move their body and help ease themselves of pain. In today’s world, an hour is a valuable amount of time. Often used to pick the kids up, do the grocery shopping, stay late at work – always something for someone else. ELP wants to provide everyone with the opportunity to take an hour for themselves away from all the other stresses of life.

We’re more than just teachers and clients.


Friendly & Expert Trainers
Kelly Wootton

Kelly Wootton

Kelly is the founder of East London Pilates and has been a healthy, happy Pilates teacher and personal fitness trainer for over 20 years. She has found that incorporating the principles of Pilates into her other fitness work means that the risk of injury is reduced and technique is improved. She is passionate about the Pilates technique and believes that everyone can benefit from the matwork method.
Magda Polikarska

Magda Polikarska

Magda began her journey with corrective exercise and pilates after experiencing a series of injuries herself from a semi-professional sporting career. Alongside working with ELP Magda is also a fully qualified sports and remedial masseur.  This combination of qualifications, experience and practice enable her to use pilates to really help with postural problems and pain.
Kylie Hawryliw

Kylie Hawryliw

Kylie’s passion for movement has continued through the Years at college and university studying contemporary dance and musical theatre and eventually leading her to pursue a career in fitness. Kylie’s passion and enthusiasm towards the human body and movement to its full capabilities make Kylie perfect for Pilates. Her dance background and understanding of the human body leads to great passion for Pilates.

Zoe Mundell

Zoe Mundell

Zoë founded New Body Osteopathy in 2011 after gaining a Masters in Osteopathy at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM) where she graduated with distinction. She later returned to lecture at the university in soft tissue and Osteopathic technique. Having previously worked for 15 years as a successful Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor and Sports Therapist at one of the UK’s most elite health clubs, her own involvement in sports and exercise has created a natural desire to optimise health, nutrition and fitness. Zoë is very experienced in treating sports injuries of all kinds and has worked with many elite athletes as well as the less active with everyday injuries. She also helps to prevent future strain, stiffness or injury by putting in place exercises and behaviours to correct poor posture and faulty movement patterns. Treatment may also include medical acupuncture, sports taping and even working with Sports Medicine Doctors and Surgeons. She is also able to offer bespoke ergonomic work station assessments which can be done virtually and has proved to be very popular in the current climate of working from home. Zoë continues to teach Pilates working alongside East London Pilates offering courses and wellness initiatives to promote healthy spines and to continue a patient journey beyond the rehab stage into long term wellness. More recently her interest has shifted towards pre-and-post-partum care and paediatrics.This has resulted in her post graduate training at the Osteopathic Centre for Children. Zoë understands the physical strains placed upon mother and baby during pregnancy and childbirth and most importantly she knows how to help women enjoy a pain free, relaxed pregnancy. Zoë uses a variety of osteopathic techniques to treat women and babies, including cranial osteopathy.


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