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121 & 122 Pilates and yoga training

Sometimes a class environment isn’t right for you. That’s why we also offer 121 & 122 private sessions either in your home or at one of our venues in East London. This way you can experience a more personalised approach.


Pilates and Yoga Sessions

Sometimes classes aren’t right for you – whether its due to wanting a more tailored approach towards your body, overcoming specific injuries or postural problems or simply preferring a more provate 121 or 122 experience. We can offer individual private sessions in both Pilates and Yoga in the comfort of your own home or one of our venues allowing you to focus 100% on yourself. 

All sessions start with a consultation and medical questionnaire to understand you – your goals, medical history, posture, limitations and ability. This then forges the way for us to create a bespoke programme of sessions tailored specifically to you and your needs. Often you will progress quicker in your learning of either Pilates or Yoga and find your body reacts quicker feeling more benefits. This is because it’s specific to you and we are able to take a much more hands on approach manipulating your body and aligning your posture in each move. We also issue home care exercises for you to practice between sessions which again provides you with a continuous learning journey. 


Don’t just take our word for it…

I find the sessions and personalised plan very effective in addressing my specific  needs and ensuring that I maximise the impact obtained from the time I spend in sessions. The personalised approach ensures the sessions complement my other sporting activities and reflect my own needs. There is also significant flexibility in when I can book sessions which is important for anyone with a busy lifestyle. Having personal sessions also ensures that the trainer quickly understands my specific needs and that the overall experience is highly rewarding
Gavin Francis

Group Chief Accounting Officer, HSBC Holdings


The Right Programme for you

Restorative Yin Yoga

A restorative session to incorporate relaxing, recovering and recuperation to the day. A slower form of Yoga allowing for more mindfulness and time within the day to be with your thoughts


Sessions designed upon the pilates principles at a level to suit. Sessions will involve learning and practising core strength awareness, muscular flexibility, joint mobility and postural alignment for better movement 

Vinyasa Yoga

Sessions designed upon the method of Vinyasa yoga. Once the team have established an understanding of the method, we aim to challenge everyone by teaching a flowing practice. 


Contact us to chat about Private Pilates or Yoga

If you’d like to speak with us about starting private Pilates or Yoga personal training, simply get in touch and complete our contact form and we will get back to you